“Have You Seen My Tama?”
“Dog Meeting”
“Our Waiha”

♦ Have You Seen My Tama?
Third Street is where Tama, the pet cat from the Okamoto family, hangs out with his unique furry friends. One day, when Tama wakes up from his nap, he notices a white cat that happens to pass by and follows it out of curiosity. His best friend, the dog Pochi, joins Tama and they follow the white cat together, but they get themselves into...

♦ Dog Meeting
Pochi is talking to his friends from Third Street, Kuro and Gon, about the strange dog he saw when he went outside with Tama. Pochi is scared of the dog, but Kuro and Gon are curious, and say that they want to go say hi to the newcomer.

♦ Our Waiha
One day, when Bei and Tora visit Tama’s house, they see Tama napping comfortably in a cardboard box. Tora jumps into the box and breaks it, which makes Tama sad. Bei suggests to Tama that they should go search for “Waiha” together.