“Tama Gets Kidnapped”
“Surprise Furball”
“Cat Café Violet”

♦ Tama Gets Kidnapped
One day, Pochi hears Tama scream for help and gathers his friends from Third Street to go save him.
They worry that Pochi might have been a victim of “catnapping,” but when the gang finds Tama they see…

♦ Surprise Furball
Tama and his friends are playing in the park as usual, when they see a button flying through the air. They find out that the button flew off of Momo’s outfit, but she screams “Winter fur!” and runs away. Koma doesn’t understand what winter fur is, so the gang tries to explain…

♦ Cat Café Violet
Momo is the idol of Café Tulip, but she’s been worried because the café has been empty lately. Momo shares her concerns to Tama and friends, and they think the reason may be because a new cat café opened in the neighboring town. When the gang goes to investigate the new cat café, they find Bull all dressed up and waiting in front.