“Tora's First Love”
“Let's Take A Bath”
“Dog Police Part 2”

♦ Tora's First Love
Tama, Pochi, and Tora overhear Takeshi talking about a house rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a cat. The three go to the house to find out if the rumors are true and hear strange noises from inside. They also see a suspicious shadow which turns out to be...!?

♦ Let's Take A Bath
Koma, the mascot of the Matsu Bathhouse, prepares for the monthly Pet Day event where people are invited to bathe with their pets. Tama hates bathing but decides to go to the bathhouse after being persuaded by Pochi and Tora.

♦ Dog Police Part 2
Kuro is a police dog that works at the Third Street Police Station. Momo was being interrogated as a suspect in an incident that happened at Coffee Shop Tulip. Momo breaks her silence and clears the tension in the air.