“Tama's True Identity”
“Cat Meeting”
“My Treasure”

♦ Tama's True Identity
Pochi visits Tama but Tama is in low spirits. Pochi asks his friends on Third Street for advice to help Tama. Gon sees Tama passing by and says that something is weighing heavily on Tama’s mind. What is the source of Tama’s worries?

♦ Third Street Quiz
One day, Tama and his friends gather in the park and discuss the strange behavior of humans. They share their observations, but what Nora says shocks the group.

♦ My Treasure
Takeshi and Kuramochi are working on drawings based on the theme of “my treasure” for homework while Tama watches. After they step outside, Tama takes a look at their drawings, but a gust of wind suddenly blows the drawings out of the room. Tama is able to retrieve Takeshi’s drawing, but Kuramochi’s drawing goes missing. Will Tama and his friends be able to find Kuramochi’s drawing?